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About Me

Hello!  So lovely to meet you.  Let me tell you a little about myself. 

I am a mom of two 20 something daughters and a wife.  I am also a high school teacher's aide.  I love yoga, sound therapy, acupuncture, riding my bike and going to the beach. 

I am a born nurturer and care-giver.  

I found myself diving into holistic modalities about 15 years ago when I  started having health issues that Western medicine was unable to resolve.  Over time, I realized that suppressed trauma and emotions from my childhood  were the cause of my physical ailments.  I started seeking out healers and types of therapies that could help me heal and feel un-stuck in life.  I fell in love with sound therapy about 10 years ago when I started going to crystal bowl meditations.  I felt as if sound was a shower washing away my worries.  I started to crave a deeper, longer lasting sound treatment and that is when I discovered Biofield Tuning.   


My practice is spirit-led and I believe in creating a calm safe space in which my clients can embrace their healing journey.  The tuning forks realign energy in the body, release emotional baggage and remarkably calm down the nervous system. This is critical for those struggling with anxiety, living in fight or flight, or have any kind of trauma. 


Biofield tuning has impacted my life in an amazing way!  I no longer feel like I am living in a daily fight or flight state, and my anxiety does not hold me back anymore.  I also feel that Biofield Tuning has helped me connect with my authentic highest self again and has helped me feel more balanced and whole.  As a heart-centered practitioner, I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelors Degree / Elementary Education - Trenton State College

  • Biofield Tuning Certified therapist

  • Lifewave consultant

  •  Multi-dimensional Reiki Master certified

  • 200 hour yoga teacher/ meditation/ SEL certification


"It is the difficulties and challenges of life that are our greatest catalysts for growth and expansion." 

Eileen Day McKusick


Life is good, and there is beauty everywhere.  We are all born as perfect, divine human beings, full of light and love, with limitless potential.  However, over time, our environment and the people around us begin to shape who we become and our belief system. 


Throughout a lifetime, we experience traumatic situations that modify how we see the world, how we trust others and what we believe.  Trauma and long term anxiety often turn our lives upside down.  However, it doesn't have to rule our life anymore because it is our choice on how we want to see it, deal with it, heal it and move on.  This is about re-claiming our power as perfect divine humans and letting go of our stories of powerlessness.   No one can heal our wounds and redirect our lives except ourselves!  

When we start to focus on the good in life, reframe our thoughts & beliefs and shift our perspective on how we see the world, our life begins to change. 

Healing deep wounds  and releasing emotional attachments is critical in moving forward.


By beginning to remove the noise (energetic disturbances) from our electromagnetic field, we start to hear divine truth and focus on our soul purpose, which is all part of our healing journey.

My Philosophy

healing hands.jfif

How our emotions affect our body

Through my energetic studies and my own personal journey, I have come to discover the amazing connection between our bodies and our emotions.  I have experienced first-hand how emotions can physically make us ill.  For example, have you ever been so nervous or upset that you make yourself sick?  Isn't it crazy that our emotions have that much of an impact on our bodies?


So, imagine what stuffed and suppressed emotions (anger, resentment, frustration, etc...) can do to our bodies over a long period.  When we repress our emotions, it disrupts the stress hormone cortisol in the body.  Over time, chronic psychological stress can change the way our bodies function on both a hormonal and immunologic level.  This can contribute to the development and progression of many ailments, including auto-immune disorders and various diseases. Simply put, unprocessed emotions can make our bodies physically ill with pain, inflammation and disease. over time.


Everything in the universe is energy…including us.  We are electrical human beings! We all have an electrical current (subtle energy) running in and around our bodies.  Unresolved emotions are energy trapped in our electromagnetic fields, causing our energy fields to become weakened.  Our energetic body impacts our physical body.  So if our energetic body has energetic blockages and energy is not flowing properly, our physical body becomes compromised and cannot function optimally.


I use my hands and the vibration of tuning forks to manipulate energy into a more coherent, circulating state.   This is similar to how a acupuncturist uses needles to move the QI (energy) in the body. These techniques increase the energy flow in the subtle energetic body, which strengthens the physical body. Our energetic health and vibration is equally important as our physical and mental health in order to live a healthy and balanced life.


" The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that

some sounds have gone out of tune."

Deepak Chopra 

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